Jeroen Erosie

Memories of Places i have never been by Jeroen Erosie

Jeroen Heeman, better known as Jeroen Erosie, has been expressing himself as a graffiti artist since his early youth. Next to his artistic education and occupation as a graphic designer and illustrator he is constantly exploring new directions to work in. The ‚Cycle-Tags‘ he did, are known all over the world, and he still works on walls with his conceptional graffiti murals. His graphic style has become his trademark. The artist, living and working in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, will be showing works on canvas and paper in his first solo-show, titled ‚Memories of places I have never been‘ at Ninasagt Galerie in Düsseldorf. Therefor he created multi layered works, following his fondness for graphical forms, cut and paste compositions and reflecting an ongoing expansion of his visual and conceptual framework. The Exhibition starts with an Opening on November 8th, 7 pm.

Der in Eindhoven, Niederlande, lebende Künstler zeigt in seiner ersten Solo-Show in der Ninasagt Galerie diverse Arbeiten auf Leinwand und Papier unter dem Ausstellungstitel ‚Memories of places I have never been‘. Hierfür sind ebenenreiche Bilder entstanden, welche seine Vorliebe für grafische Formen folgen und die er sachte in eine collagenartige Komposition führt und mit einer typischen Farbigkeit arrangiert.
Die Ausstellung beginnt mit einer Vernissage am 8.11. um 19 Uhr.