Ninasagt – Good Luck, Have Fun, prei-mices150x190cmacrylic-and-chalk

Good Luck, Have Fun

Clément Mancini

29.09.2018 – 19.10.2018

"Good Luck, Have Fun" is French artist Clément Mancini’s premier solo show. The exhibition title is a reminder to himself to deny artistic pressures within the art world. ‘Good Luck’ helps, as Mancini wishes to maintain his laissez-faire attitude to develop artistically. Mancini thinks a certain distance from reality is necessary to create it, and it enables him to view all this as a kind of game to progress and mature. The exhibition will pay hommage to the ease and carefreeness that allows the artist to enjoy this artistic journey. The work of Clément Mancini is about the interaction between the material, the line and the texture.

Through a strong visual impact, he describes emotions that he feels in the process of creation. The pictures depict moments of life and chronicle emotional chapters - as milestones. Erasing, covering, cutting, playing with the vibration of the material, with the energy of the colors and the line is the strength of the Paris-based artist. The images are created without concept and with plenty of room for spontaneity. The amount of time required to build varies from one piece to another, and this aspect does not necessarily reflect the energy spent on it. Mancini likes this relationship of temporality, the fact that complexity can hide behind a simple visual set and vice versa.

Ninasagt – Good Luck, Have Fun, collateral-damages-40x50cm-acrylic-and-chalk

Ninasagt – Good Luck, Have Fun, doublet-150x200cm-acrylic-and-chalk

Ninasagt – Good Luck, Have Fun, no-stayer-40x50cm-acrylic-and-chalk

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