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What are you looking at?!

Kate Scott

10.11.2018 – 05.12.2018

Kate Isobel Scott, born 1988, is an animator and illustrator originally from Australia. After studying Illustration at Falmouth University in Cornwall, Kate briefly worked as a studio assistant at Tracy Emin, followed by a few years of working in set design in London. Kate is currently based in the Netherlands where she paints and works on stop motion animations.
Besides working on her animation projects Kate Isobel Scott paints and draws her direct surroundings. Maybe as a release from the intensity of model making and set building. Her paintings, in a way just like her animations, also tell short stories. They are quick observations, capturing brief moments of time, quirky depictions of people, objects and architecture seen around us. You can think of Kate’s paintings as recordings of our culture, capturing everyday situations. Situations that are easy to overlook, to miss, to walk straight past. A man and women sitting in the sun, a woman waiting for a bus, some food ready to fry at a Dutch snackbar…
“everything seems to be so fast-paced that we are inclined to overlook the beauty, simplicity, and the design of everyday situations and objects. My aim is to make you stop and recognize the overlooked. Depict those recognizable situations we all just take for granted. I enjoy documenting everyday things in paint. The idea is to give the audience a new appreciation for the familiar.”
Kate will be showing paintings and small sculptures. The exhibition “What are you looking at?!” runs from November 10 - December 5

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