Emil Kozak


Emil Kozak1 comes from a little town in Denmark but now resides in Barcelona for quite a while already. His style is fresh and positive and usually carries a message that is deeper then one might expect. He has a keen eye for detail and usually mixes typography, clear lines and few colors in his artworks. often a pun, a reference or a code is the invisible base for his art.

  1. Emil Kozak online: http://www.emilkozak.com


'Big Nothing', solo show at Ninasagt Gallery, Düsseldorf. 2014

'Big Black Nothing', solo show at Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona. 2013

'The Ramones saved my life', solo show at Ninasagt Gallery, Düsseldorf. 2010

'Acid Rain', solo show at Cosmo Gallery, Barcelona. 2009

'Trading Magic for Facts', solo show at Vallery Gallery, Barcelona. 2008

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