Holger Kurt Jäger


Holger Kurt Jäger1 was born in Düsseldorf in 1979. After attending a residency in an artist’s studio in Stockholm in 2004, he began to study art at the Freie Akademie der Künste in Essen in 2005.2 As a student in the master class of Stephan Schneider he completed his diploma in 2010. Holger Kurt Jäger lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Even though Jäger found his way into art through graffiti, he nowadays expresses himself through more classical techniques such as oil painting on canvas or watercolour. While he uses strong colours and expressive brushwork in his oil paintings, his watercolour works appear gentle and almost playful. Contentwise Jäger takes the viewer onto a journey through a surreal and fantastic dream world, which may show what is taking place in his head. Less classical in terms of material are his portraits on washcloths. In accordance with the material he only depicts people he deems to be weak or negatively connoted. Within his works he purposely likes to challenge his audience to a provocative dialogue.

Already while studying, Jäger was supported through scholarships and today his works are exhibited throughout the world. In doing so, his works not only provoke conversation on the spot, but also the Manager Magazin entitled him in 2011 to be an important investment for art collectors.3

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'Enthemmt', solo show at Ninasagt Gallery, Düsseldorf. 2013

'Transporter', solo show at Junges Museum, Bottrop. 2012

'Atlas - the message', solo show at Kunstraum Schulte-Goltz+Noelte, Essen. 2012

'Playing the city 3', group show at Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt. 2011

'Lynchmob', group show at HBC Kollektiv, Berlin. 2009

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