Jan Garet


Jan Garet aka KRSN1 studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Orleans2 and lives and works in Paris.

Jan Garet is committed to graffiti just as well as to illustration. In both mediums his love for detail is evident. Whilst his works in graffiti can also appear bold and colourful, his drawings are more gentle and mostly executed in plain pencil or ball pen. If coloured, then only gently and carefully in pastel water colours, which act as a delicate counterbalance to the rigour of the dark lines. Depicted are humans, often in a surreal symbiosis with amorphous, botanical or animalistic material.

Apart from his independent, artistic works, Garet creates works for magazines, music labels and fashion brands. His works have been exhibited throughout Europe.

  1. KRSN online: http://nsrknet.free.fr
  2. École des Beaux-Arts Orleans official website: http://www.esad-orleans.fr


'Je dors debout', solo show at B&B Gallery, Sheffield. 2013

'Jan KRSN Garet', solo show at Nina Sagt Gallery, Düsseldorf. 2011

'Drawn Together', group show at Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus. 2007

'Akroe & KRSN', group show at Alice Gallery, Bruxelles. 2006

'Kickin'Ass', solo show at Lazy Dog Gallery, Paris. 2005

'The Sexpo', group show at Hixept Gallery, Grenoble. 2003

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