Jonathan Calugi


Calugi was born in Pistoia. 1982 and lives and works in Italy as a freelance illustrator. Even though he dreamed of becoming a rapper when he was a young man, he was then heavily influenced by his grandfather, who designed carnival parade waggons. Besides many jobs for well- known clients, he concentrates on his art, which is coined by his characteristic style. While benefitting from a certain publicity through social media und using the possibility of spreading his art through digital channels, Calugi still enjoys to produce it in an analogue way. Hence the exhibition title does not only refer to the manner of how Calugi depicts the contents, but also to the origination process.

His characteristic style unites lines and shapes, combined with subtle emphases of colour. The simple arrangement allows room for interpretation. While most of the works of Jonathan Calugi are abstract and playful, some series show the silhouettes of female bodies.

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