Karl-Joel Lrsn


The artist Karl-Joel Lrsn,1 actually Larsson, was born in 1992 in Karlstadt in Sweden and now lives and works in Gothenburg. He acquired his bachelor degree at the school for design and crafts, HDK, in Gothenburg in 2013.2

In the exhibition 'Plant Related Paintings', as one could imagine, paintings of plants are shown. The artist just recently discovered his green fingers: His flat, where before plants only had a short life span, he nowadays calls a jungle. This passion for plants has now turned into the subject for the works of his first solo exhibtion. The works are softly coloured still lifes. Karl-Joel Lrsn uses this deeply in the history of art rooted depiction of everyday items and manages to award his works, despite their classical structure, a fresh and modern vibe.

Karl-Joel Lrsn loves to compose things, not only with painting, but also by creating furniture or in the profession of a graphic designer.

  1. Karl-Joel Lrsn online: http://karljoel.se
  2. HDK Gothenburg official website: http://www.hdk.gu.se

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