Louis Reith


Louis Reith1 lives and works in Amsterdam after studying at the Academy of Arts and Industry, Enschede.[2. Academy of Arts and Industry, Enschede, official website: https://www.artez.nl He was born in 1983.

The Art of Louis Reith is a mix from nostalgic and modern. He is mostly doing collages out of different materials, like a black and white landscape photo found in old books mixed with graphical forms. The collages can also turn out as a sculpture respectively as a 3d artwork made of wood. The wooden panels are treated with soil, respectively a mix out of soil and water, this harmonizes perfectly with wood as a natural material. His color range is beside black and white, all shades of gray, and natural wooden colors. His first Solo Show at Ninasagt Gallery shows the full range of his restrained art.

  1. Louis Reith online: http://louisreith.com

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