Merijn Hos


Merijn Hos1 lives and works in Utrecht. He studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Utrecht, which he finished in 2004.2

Hos illustrates; whether colourful or black/white, whether digital or analogue. Thereby he neither knows limits to reality nor is he afraid of multiplicity. His works are bustling with objects alongside people, ornaments alongside plants and surreal alongside objective. Objects are being personified and persons objectified. The feeling that surely won’t emerge here is boredom. In 2014 Nina.sagt Galerie exhibited Hos’ Wood Sculptures, little sculptures made out of wood and painted with a variety of 24 colours, delighting the viewer likewise happily and individually.

Besides his independent works, Hos has already been commissioned by numerous clients as Nike, Pepsi, Nickelodeon or Bose. But also the press, including the New York Times or The Guardian have taken to his works.

  1. Merijn Hos online:
  2. School of Visual Arts in Utrecht official website:


'Motor', Einzelausstellung in der Ninasagt Galerie, Düsseldorf. 2015

'Wet', Einzelausstellung in der Moiety Galerie, New York. 2014

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