Siggi Eggertsson


Siggi Eggertsson1 was born in Akureyri, a small town in Iceland, in 1984 and since his early childhood days he is in love with drawing, painting and crafting. When acquiring his first computer he discovered that besides playing games he could also use it for drawing. Later on, when learning about a career as a graphic designer, that would combine his two biggest hobbies of working on the computer and drawing, he decided on taking up studies in this field. After studying graphic design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik,2 he worked in various agencies in New York, London and Berlin, today living and working in the latter.

Already while studying and until today Eggertsson has developed his very own signature style and his works are easily recognisable. Through an intense colour scheme, his works, which are composed by using enlarged pixels, gain energy and a strong expression. Recognisable things become irrecognisable and vice versa. Through his technique, for example his portraits appear playful and comic- like. Also landscapes or architectural scenes are being disassociated from reality in an impressive way without loosing the essential attributes of the subject.

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