Ninasagt – Richards Wiederkehr, jordy_van_den_nieuwendijk_2013_49_richards_wiederkehr_4

Richards Wiederkehr

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

16.11.2013 – 12.12.2013

The exhibition „Richards Wiederkehr“ is Jordy van den Nieuwendijks second solo exhibition at the Ninasagt gallery. Since his first exhibition in 2011 his career as an illustrator has taken a steep ascent and within a short time he has gained a lot of reputable clients with this typical, digitally drafted works. Even though he enjoys a distinctive recognition value with his typical own style of transforming motives, van den Nieuwendijk now wants to try leaving this known path. Therefore he exchanges the computer for paint and brush for the first time. Exclusively organic motives, such as plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables are shown on sometimes large-scale formats and likewise attain a typical characteristic.

Ninasagt – Richards Wiederkehr, jordy_van_den_nieuwendijk_2013_49_richards_wiederkehr_5

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