Ninasagt – Wood Sculptures, merijn-hos-wood-sculpture1

Wood Sculptures

Merijn Hos

18.01.2014 – 18.02.2014

Besides various commissioned works, the freelance graphic designer and illustrator Merijn Hos, living in Utrecht, still finds time for diverse independent works. In 2012 the Stedelijk Museum Kampen showed works of contemporary Dutch illustrators in a show called ‘Grenzenlos’. Merijn Hos contributed with his wood sculptures, which in the meantime have become quite popular and are touring museums all over the world. Inspired by art brut and folk art the artist developed the simple shapes and only works with a limited colour palette of 24 hues and only one size of brush for his compositions.

Exclusively for his solo exhibition ‘Wood Sculptures by Merijn Hos’ he created plenty of new sculptures, shown in the Ninasagt gallery for the first time, individually delighting viewers here the same as all over the world.

Ninasagt – Wood Sculptures, img_0417

Ninasagt – Wood Sculptures, merijn-hos-wood-sculpture2

Ninasagt – Wood Sculptures, img_0418

Ninasagt – Wood Sculptures, merijn-hos-wood-sculpture

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