Ninasagt – Drift, galerie4klein


Siggi Eggertsson

29.08.2015 – 30.09.2015

For his exhibition at the Ninasagt gallery entitled DRIFT, Eggertson deepens his understanding of patterns, which he gained through working with his special technique. The combination of colours and shapes not only triggers diverse moods within the viewer but also leaves room for individual interpretation. The images, which consists of two colors determines the title of the exhibition , 'Drift '. They are all especially designed for the exhibition and they deliver a special effect. Eggertson again presents his talent for digital illustrations.

Ninasagt – Drift, galerie2klein

Ninasagt – Drift, galerie3klein

Ninasagt – Drift, siggi-online

Ninasagt – Drift, galerie5klein

Ninasagt – Drift, galerie1klein

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