Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-27


Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

07.02.2015 – 04.03.2015

„Motor“ is the third solo exhibition of the artist Jordy van Nieuwendijk, who lives in The Hague. After he had already exchanged the computer for canvas and paint for his second exhibition at the Ninasagt gallery, van den Nieuwendijk this time ventures into creating a monothematic exhibition concerning the topic of the engine und only paints cars and motor cycles. His typical curvated brushwork is here nowhere to be found. The works, all oil on canvas, are a perfect combination of abstraction and subtle depiction.

Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-15

Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-13

Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-14

Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-16

Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-24

Ninasagt – Motor, ns_jordy_motor-26

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