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Nadine Redlich

14.05.2016 – 18.06.2016

'In her long awaited solo-exhibition entitled ‚Paniktotem‘ Nadine Redlich plucks apart a bouquet of emotions (such as phobia, lethargy, stress, panic, resignation). Anyone who can relate to at least one of the emotions in the preceding bracket will take great pleasure when viewing the results of Redlich‘s intense examination in the form of illustrations, comics and ceramics.
That much I, as a phobic patient, can promise.'
written by Max Kersting

Nadine Redlich lives and works as a cartoonist in Düsseldorf. Following her tension easing books ‚Ambient Comics‘ and ‚Ambient Comics II‘ Rotopolpress is this year publishing her stress opus ‚Paniktotem‘.

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Ninasagt – Paniktotem, ansicht

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