Ninasagt – Ditirambo, ditirambo-seite


Jonathan Claugi

17.06.2017 – 14.07.2017

‚DITIRAMBO‘ is the second solo exhibition of the Italian artist Jonathan Calugi at the Ninasagt Gallery. The artist, who was born in Pistoia in 1982, lives and works in Italy as a freelance illustrator. Calugis works combine a mixture of digital and analogue working methods, in which curved lines and geometric forms provide the basis. The simplistic arrangements leave space for interpretation. While most of Jonathan Calugis works are abstract, playful and dynamic, other series also show silhouettes of female bodies.
Ditirambo, in English dithyrambs, are a type of ancient Greek choral lyricism in honour of the god Dionysos, some sort of cultic cry. Calugi correlates these passionate, agitated, fierce and ecstatic hymns of praise to the expression of his art.

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