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Waggle Dance

Peter Judson

26.08.2017 – 20.09.2017

Peter Judson lives and works in London. He studied at Londons Kingston University BA in Illustration & Animation. He predominantly works as an commercial artist for clients including Nike, Conde Nast and Tate. Waggle Dance exhibits a series of works on paper breaking in medium from the digital format often explored in Peter Judson’s work. Exploring the relationship between colour and form within various grid systems.

The exhibition is Judson’s first solo show in the gallery and will be called ‚Waggle Dance’.
The Waggle Dance is performed by the honey bee, communicating the discovery of a new source of pollen to the hive. However some of the hive don’t pay attention or ignore the advice and go off in search of something new. Without this act of disobedience the hive would most likely starve to death.

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