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Art is made in the bedroom

David Iain Brown

09.03.2019 – 04.04.2019

David Iain Brown, who recently completed his studies in fine arts, creates the basis for his first exhibition with his enormous output.
The title refers to its limited spatial situation. He is currently producing his paintings in his bedroom, for lack of his own studio.
The work shown is inspired, among other things, by his move from Aberdeen to Glasgow. A new city offers new influences, which are reflected in the subjects of his paintings. The challenge of not having a physical studio space led him to use his personal bedroom as a studio. His motives and the quick way of working is a fusion of all these circumstances. The language of everyday objects are symbolic for Brown and of varying relevance to the viewer. Objects are universal - we can all relate something to an object, if only as a reminder of a personal moment.

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