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Colour Studies

Linnéa Andersson

28.09.2019 – 29.10.2019

”Through the abstract leaf I can mediate a human language without a human expression. The ongoing investigation of how to describe an emotion without words is central in my paintings. This resistance is a constant force in my work: an impossible bend, a new medium or a forbidden colour combination. I need an obstacle to find my interest to make an image. There have to be a fence to climb. But it is also the undertaking of speaking without words. The leaves speak for me, writing my diary through their wobbly shape and the space in-between them and the outline of the canvas.”
Linnéa Andersson, b. 1989, lives and workes in Gothenburg, Sweden. In her exhibition ”Colour Studies” Andersson continues the investigation of the relationship between colour, lines and empty space.

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